Old Trip Reports Circa 2000

The years 1999 – 2001 were exceptional dive years in that the weekend weather was outstanding.  This permitted us to do some amazing diving over a large number of consecutive weekends.  We had a “core” group of  divers who were always ready, willing and able to dive.  The group consisted of me, Mike Barnette, Mike Rodriguez, Jeff Milbrath, Mark Zurl, and Andrew Donn.  These were still open circuit days so our week nights were spent mixing gas and our weekends diving.  Barney was the researcher and historian and was always finding new and exciting things to dive including a large number of virgin wrecks.  One of our group, Mikey Rodriguez, was diligent about reporting these adventures and conserving them on his website, Mikey.net  Mike no longer dives but I did stumble upon his old reports cached on the web.  They brought back a lot of great memories so I copied them and am posting them here.  I hope you enjoy them.

Araby Maid I

Araby Maid II

Carysfort Deep


Deep 423 (Marine Sulphur Queen)

Forest’s Freighter

Fuggedaboudit Wreck 2

Fuggedaboudit Wreck


Laertes (Dutch Freighter)



Pan Massachusetts

Rhein Hamburg



Wilkes-Barre Stern