South Florida Wrecks – Lowrance

Her Last Minutes Afloat

The Lowrance was sunk as part of the Broward County artificial reef program on March 31, 1984. Sitting in East-West in 200 feet of water and providing 50 feet of relief, the Lowrance is a popular dive spot for technical divers.

GPS coordinates are Latitude 2613.202° and Longitude 8003.640°

Built in 1953 by a Canadian shipbuilder, the refrigerated freighter was launched as The Ciudad de Cali.  She was renamed twice after that, sailing as the Rio Amazonas and later the Mazon. She acquired the name “Lowrance” when the Marine electronics company “Lowrance” funded the artificial reef project.***

***This information courtesy of Michael C. Barnette, Encyclopedia of Florida Shipwrecks: Volume l: Atlantic Coast.  For more detailed information on this and many other Florida Shipwrecks I recommend this book highly.

Below are some images of the sinking of the Lowrance taken by my friend and fellow diver Steve Norris of Lighthouse Point, Florida. I thought you might enjoy seeing scans of these old photos.

Sitting lower in the water.

Starting to flood and list.

Beginning her final descent.

Going under.