Joes Bio

A Brief Diving Resume

Education and certifications:

  • Padi Open water
  • Full cave
  • Nitrox
  • Trimix
  • DPV
  • CCR – Megaladon
  • CCR – Pathfinder
  • CCR – Prism
  • CCR – Revo
  • CCR – Evolution
  • CCR – Optima
  • CCR – SF2
  • CCR – Kiss Sidewinder
  • CCR – Kiss Spirit
  • CCR Trimix
  • CCR Cave
  • Emergency responder – CPR / AED
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider
  • Instructor – Open Water
  • Instructor – Nitrox
  • Instructor – Advanced Recreational Trimix
  • Instructor – Normoxic Trimix
  • Instructor –CCR Normoxic Trimix
  • Instructor – Trimix
  • Instructor – CCR Trimix
  • Instructor – Megaladon Rebreather
  • Instructor – Meg 15 Rebreather
  • Instructor – Megaladon Tiburon Rebreather
  • Instructor – Megaladon Pathfinder Rebreather
  • Instructor – Prism II
  • Instructor – SF2
  • Instructor – Advanced Full Cave
  • Instructor – CCR Cave
  • Instructor – Advanced Cave DPV
  • Instructor – Technical Wreck
  • Instructor – CCR (Technical) Wreck
  • Instructor Trainer – Technical Cave
  • Instructor Trainer – Technical CCR Cave
  • Instructor Trainer – Technical Wreck
  • Instructor Trainer – CCR Wreck
  • Instructor Trainer – Trimix
  • Instructor Trainer – CCR Trimix
  • Instructor Trainer – CCR SF-2 Backmount
  • Instructor Trainer – CCR Classic Meg Apecs 2.7
  • Instructor Trainer – CCR – Meg-15
  • Instructor Trainer – CCR – Meg  Tiburon

Bachelors degree in Business Administration and have run my own auto parts business since 1981.

Diving for over thirty five years. Full cave and trimix certified for well over twenty five.

1991 – part of the first (helium) mixed gas program offered by IANTD.  Helped develop the standards and procedures in use today.

Authored a chapter in IANTD’s “The Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia”.

Authored the “Advanced Wreck Diving” book for IANTD.

Write “The Loop”, a column in the NSS-CDS publication “Underwater Speleology” which is solely concerned with rebreather safety and training.

Elected a member of the Explorers Club.

Former Chairman, Board of Directors of the National Speleological Society Cave diving Section (NSS-CDS).

Dived, interviewed and aired on The Learning Channel’s “Bermuda Triangle Solved”?, and the discovery channel production of The Devils Triangle plus several other deep water expeditions / productions.

Dived, interviewed and aired on National Geographic “Drain The Bermuda Triangle”.

Dived on the P51 Bomber project, the search for Gertrude “Tommy” Tompkins in the waters off Los Angeles.

Dived and participated in making the only video of the USS Virginia – 400 FSW (one of the Billy Mitchell fleet) off Cape Hatteras, NC – never before dived because of the high currents.

Veteran of The Andrea Doria.

Dived the first and only exploratory dives on the City of Everett, a historically significant whaleback steamer that disappeared 120 miles offshore in 400 fsw in the Gulf of Mexico in 1923 losing 26 lives.

Participated in dives leading to the identification and documentation of numerous shipwrecks (Esmeralda, Holsten, Joseph M. Cudahy, Kringeline, Munger T. Ball, Pan Massachusetts, and others, many of which were in remote locations at extreme depths (i.e.: Joseph M. Cudahy, 140 miles off shore in 430 feet of sea water.)

Dived on NOAA archaeological investigation at the site of the Queen of Nassau, a shipwreck on which I was part of the team that initially identified it.

Did dives to harvest Oculina Varicosa coral for the purpose of cultivating and ultimately restoring the species to the damaged Oculina Bank as part of a research and restoration effort conducted by NOAA, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (HBOI), and Florida State University. Due to the extreme depths, this work had been previously accomplished only by ROV.

Did dives 120 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico resulting in the discovery of abundant Oculina varicosa, a deep-water coral species previously known to exist almost exclusively in a small, distinct area off the central east coast of Florida near Ft. Pierce. Prior to this discovery, O. varicosa was only documented in the Gulf of Mexico as growing sparsely from a few observations. Results of this finding have been published in a NOAA Technical Memorandum. As O. varicosa is currently classified by NOAA as a Species of Concern for potential listing under the Endangered Species Act, this observation may be significant towards the management of the species.

Dived in The “Lake Murray B-25 Rescue Project”, a deep water low visibility project.

Successfully organized the effort to reline Eagles Nest Cave, a deep system often referred to as “The Mount Everest of Cave Diving”.

Dived the Bahamian Blue Holes of Andros including Benjamins Blue Hole and Stargate.

Did extensive cave diving in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.