I take instruction very seriously. Whatever knowledge I impart to a student will stay with him or her for a very long time so it is important that courses are of the highest quality. My motivation is that diving is my passion and I want to share what I have learned over the years with others.

I teach the Megalodon CCR because it is my rebreather of choice. While I do not suggest that other rebreathers are bad, for my type and style of diving, the Meg is the only unit I want to dive. I am certified on numerous other units but I know the Meg fits my needs the best. If you want to learn to dive a Megalodon Closed Circuit rebreather from someone whose experience comes from using it on real exploration dives vs. benign classroom only experience give me a call.

I also teach open and closed circuit Trimix, Cave, DPV Cave and Technical Wreck. My courses are comprehensive and challenging. You will get what is in the book and a lot that is not. My goal is to give the student the tools necessary to evolve into a world class diver and one day be able to participate in dives at any level anywhere in the world. Of course these tools will serve him well no matter what his aspirations might be.

If you want to take a course with me you can contact me at Joe Citelli